Crosswalk Marking

Better awarness

Überall dort ,
wo Fußgängerverkehr Straßenverkehr erfüllt - an Busstationen, Einkaufszentren, Parkplätzen oder Schultore - es gibt immer die erhöhte Unfallgefahr. Je mehr , die können Alarmtreiber Fußgänger und ihre Position durchgeführt werden, desto besser.

Sharing road space

It’s not often that pedestrians and vehicles have to share the same space on the road. When they do, it’s vital that drivers are alerted to potential hazards on the road as early as possible. In low light conditions or at night, drivers find it harder to see pedestrians and crosswalks at a distance, and this visibility issue is a common cause of accidents.

Better forewarning

Our crosswalk solutions alleviate this risk by alerting the driver to the location of the crosswalk in their natural line of sight. The road studs provide advance warning; the driver has additional time to adjust their driving behaviour, to ensure they approach the crosswalk safely, ready to stop without causing other road users to panic.

Increasing the visibility of potential hazards at crossings makes the area safer for all concerned. As road safety improves in these key areas, more people are encouraged to take to their feet promoting healthier lifestyles. At the same time, this reduces the number of vehicles on the road, reducing congestion and its associated pollution. The more people that choose to walk, the greater the awareness of pedestrian activity all round.
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