Solar Road Studs -

  • Active
  • LED (1+1) & Panel PV
  • Reflection: PRP1>250mcd/lux
  • Work time: 710 h
  • Diametr: 180 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Technical Approval Nr AT/2016-02-3306
  • Colors: white, red, blue, yellow, green

Active road stud with 2 LED lights and photovoltaic panel, mounted in a cast iron body, which is plough-resistant, long-lasting with removable retroreflective element. Installed on roads with poor visibility and heavy traffic.

Product functions

High cast iron cover resistance against wear by abrasion and ploughs

High reflector resistance against wear by abrasion caused by tires

Self cleaning system activated during rainfall.

Gentle ramp for the wheels of vehicles as well as road maintenance machines (for instance ploughs) which guarantees trouble-free driving

“Alert” system acting as acoustic warning when crossing the road marking line

System which enables programming a length of LED light

Automatic LED Activation System (ALAS)

Energy efficiency - 710 hours of working time

Photovoltaic system that allows fully charge the battery within 45 minutes

Product advantages

The main advantages of S-3 LED are:

The high visibility reflector up to 1000 meters

Low maintenance costs of labelling dangerous spots on roads

Possibility of flexible programming of the wavelength and the power of LED light

Automatic LED Activation System (ALAS) which automatically turns on (sunset) and turns off (sunrise) the LED lights

Possibility of installing two-color LEDs (eg .: 1 LED white, 2 red LEDs on one side)


S-3 LED is recommended for marking particularly dangerous places on national roads and motorways at night-time:

Spots lacking street lighting that are subject to heavy traffic (over 10 000 cars a day)

Low speed bumps

Active pedestrian crossing

Tunnels (S – 3 Kabel with cable installation)

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