APC Zebra – Standard Plus

APC Zebra Standard Plus is a system of active pedestrian crossing which comprises of:

  • Active road studs of type S-4 Kable
  • Motion sensors
  • Control cabinet
  • Warning lights for D – 6 signs
  • Red and white stripes made of hardened materials technology

Product functions

APC Zebra Standard Plus aims to:

Illuminate pedestrians when they are on the crossing

Inform drivers about pedestrians who are approaching the crossing

Reduce speed and deceleration of a vehicle before the crossing

Protect human health and life on the crossing with affordable funds

Product advantages

The main advantages of APC Zebra Standard are:

The intelligent system which warns the driver about pedestrians

Synchronize the vertical label (mark D-6) and horizontal (active road studs)

Lower construction costs of Zebra Standard compared with the classic pedestrian crossing with traffic lights

Ability to use Zebra Standard before roundabouts

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