SolarLite F Series Flush Road Studs

Smart, safe and sustainable solar powered road studs, proven to increase night time road safety. Providing a view of the road layout ahead in the driver's natural line of vision and well beyond the headlight beam of a vehicle.

Product functions

Up to 900m of visibility from high intensity LEDs

Totally sustainable harnessing free solar energy

Superior solar energy harvesting & storage electronics designed to maintain light outputs throughout a full annual cycle

Use where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost effective or environmentally not possible

Ideally suited to centre line and slip road use

Low profile of less than 4mm above the road surface

Full range of colour options for all delineation use including amber, red, white or green

Product advantages

The main advantages of SOLARLITE F SERIES are:

Superior distance visibility of road layout ahead compared to retro-reflective studs

Lower lifetime costs than traditional road studs

Superior visibility even in poor weather conditions and on wet roads

Allows additional reaction time to respond to changing road layouts

Reduces erratic driving behaviour and smoothes braking along winding roads

Enhances driving experience, making drivers feel safer and more able to travel at night

Highly impactful and politically visible contribution towards reducing road safety fears

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