APC Zebra – Premium

APC Zebra Premium aims to:


  • Active road studs of type S-4 Kable
  • Motion sensors
  • Control cabinet
  • Warning lights for D – 6 signs
  • Red and white stripes made of hardened materials technology
  • Anti skid system
  • Reflective road studs

Product functions

APC Zebra Premium aims to:

Illuminate pedestrians when they are on the crossing

Inform drivers about pedestrians who are approaching the crossing

Reduce speed and deceleration of a vehicle before the crossing

Protect human health and life on the crossing with affordable funds

Decrease a braking distance

Product advantages

The main advantages of APC Zebra Premium are:

The intelligent system which warns the driver about pedestrians

Synchronize the vertical label (mark D-6) and horizontal (active road studs)

Lower construction costs of Zebra Standard compared with the classic pedestrian crossing with traffic lights

Ability to use Zebra Standard before roundabouts

Decrease braking distance by 30% on wet surface

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