Safety on pedestrian crossing in your city

In Poland about 265-270 persons die on pedestrian crossings every year. The number of car accidents on the pedestrian crossing exceeds 4 000 a year (Source: Polish Office of Police Statistics).

The statistics are now alarming. However, due to rapid growth of road infrastructure and rising number of vehicles, it is anticipated that the number of accidents is likely to rise.

One of the ways of limiting the risk is to adopt smart pedestrian crossings – such as SmartPass. This solution has already been used by many Polish cities.

What is SmartPass?

SmartPass is a smart pedestrian crossing. It provides pedestrians with safety and comfort when crossing the street or road, and drivers with instant information on presence of pedestrians on the crossing.

How smart pedestrian crossing works?

1. When the pedestrian is detected in the crossing area, motion sensors activate the SmartPass system.

4. When the pedestrian leaves the crossing area, SmartPass deactivates light signals and voice signals. The cars can keep on going further.

2. Synchronized LED lights start pulsating towards the driver at the same frequency.

3. At the same time a voice message informing to be careful is sent towards the pedestrian.

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